Free Classified Ad Posting For 30 Days - Classified Advertising, Place An Ad.

Free Classified Ad Posting For 30 Days - Classified Advertising, Place An Ad.

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Classified advertising made easy! Submit your classified advertising on 375 Classified ad Websites within 48 hours! Ad Posting On 375 Free Classified Ad Websites - Place An Ad!

# 1 Internet Advertising Agency will professionally submit your Classified Advertising on 375 Free Classified Advertising Websites within 48 hours and send you a detailed report of every submission. All you need to do is fill in the order form! Free Classified Ad Posting made easy!

Fact: Classified advertising placed in the appropriate section for your product will naturally draw a qualified audience of potential customers.

Free Classified Advertising Websites See where we will submit your ad!

To accomplish the same task manually would take days if not weeks of your time, so why advertise in just a handful of places when your Classified Advertising can be seen all over the US and the world.

Each Classified Ad Website receives 1,000+ visitors per day or more! That would mean that your ad would be seen by over 500k People per day. Imagine if you received only 1 sale, 1 new client per Classified Ad Website in a month. That would be over 50 additional SALES or New Clients per month!!! Classified advertising works!

Classified advertising, when used effectively, can be one of the quickest and inexpensive ways to increase sales and customers. A single well-written classified ad can generate hundreds of thousands in sales, but only cost you pennies to run.

Over 150 categories to choose from!

Classified Advertising, 1month 1 Classified Submission: $69.95
Classified Advertising, 3 months 3 Classified Submissions: $79.95
Classified Advertising, 6 months 6 Classified Submissions: $119.95
Classified Advertising, 12 Months 12 Classified Submissions:$159.95

Consider your TIME in your ad budget. Get the most from the classified advertising system while making the most of your time. Spend your working hours FOLLOWING leads instead! Don't spend your time eroding your hourly wage down to a dollar or two! Pay someone else to do the "grunt" work for you. After all, YOU'RE THE BOSS!!

Powerfull Classified Advertising tips!

Classified advertising is to display advertising what beer is to champagne -- it's cheaper, and a lot more of it gets consumed. It also brings results, when it's appropriate for your service or products. In today's Workshop, writer Jeff Moses shares a few tips on how to write the most dynamic and effective classified advertising.

A lot of people think that classified ads are read only by lower-income individuals. That is absolutely not the case. While it's true that you won't find many ads by physicians and high-priced CPA's in the classified section of most newspapers, certain services and products are very appropriate for classifieds. The high-end real estate industry, for example, has taken advantage of classified advertising in some of the luxury-home magazines that are now so popular. This shows that classified ads in themselves aren't a stigma it all depends on the readership of the newspaper or magazine.

From the technical standpoint, there are several specific techniques involved in successful classified advertising. First and foremost, you have to get the reader's attention. Remember that you're competing with hundreds of other classified ads on the page, and the reader's eye will be attracted to only a few. For this reason, your first 2-4 words should be in larger, bold type (usually offered at no additional per-word charge by publishers) and it should be punchy! Key words and phrases that are always eye-catching: FREE, EARN BIG MONEY, SECRETS OF THE PROS, SIMPLE AND EASY, WORK AT HOME, GET OUT OF DEBT, etc. etc.

Once you've caught a reader's attention, you need to present a benefit to personally stimulate the reader's interest. For instance, if you're advertising for network marketing, your ad might begin: "NO SELLING REQUIRED. Triple your income." Or: "EARN THE MONEY YOU WANT. Work right from your home." Each type of product or service, of course, will demand its own type of interest-grabbing text.

By the end of your classified advertising, you should also present a solid specific fact, such as mentioning research that has been done, or using specific concrete concepts to show the reader how the product has been useful to others. Examples of solid facts: Our company has grown from $0 to $5 billion annually in just 3 years. Or: Our top people earn 5 figures a month working part time.

You should end your classified advertising with a call to action. In other words, you need to tell the reader to call or write to you. This doesn't have to be subtle. Examples of calls to action: "Act now while our this industry is still in its infancy. Call today." Or: "Limited number of dealerships per area. Respond now." Or: "25 percent discount given for first1,000 callers. Don't delay, contact us now." Or: "Supplies very limited. Call now."

Now go to it! Create your own awesome classified advertising keeping the above thoughts in mind. Review your classified ad and check to see that all the important ingredients of a good classified advertising are present. Find a classifieds site on the web with plenty of ads in a category related to your product. Get your ad listed first if you can. And wait for the response. "If you are not getting responses, then either change the title of the ad, change the wording, or Advertise in more locations!

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