Newspapers Advertising General Standards Of Acceptance.


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Each newspaper participating in the statewide programs is under contract to run the statewide ad. We will accept an ad based on the general standads listed below. However, it must be understood that individual newspapers reserve the right to properly classify, edit, or reject advertising not in compliance with state/local regulations, or individual newspaper standards and policies.
BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY AND INVESTMENT ADVERTISING are acceptable. However in some states the type of business to be invested in and/or the amount of the investment must be stated in the ad copy.
SALES HELP WANTED ADVERTISING must not offer or appear to offer work on a salaried basis when compensation is on a commission or bonus basis.
PERSONAL LOAN OR MORTGAGE ADS must be from established, bona fide licensed lending institutions in that state.
REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. Ads must comply with "Truth in Lending" guidelines when offering specific financing terms. Refer to Regulation Z of the Federal Act, which became effective july 1969.
900-NUMBER. Most newspapers will not accept 900 number ads and those that do require cost/minute, avg cost/call, 18+, Customer service numbers, etc.
WORK AT HOME. Generally acceptable. However, the phrase "work from home" is not acceptable in most states. Alternative statements like "work from anywhere" are usually acceptable substitutes.
MONEY THROUGH THE MAIL. Ads requesting money to be mailed are not acceptable.
HOME-BASED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. Generally acceptable. However, the phrase "work from home" is not acceptable in most states. Alternative statements like "work from anywhere" are usually acceptable substitutes.
PUBLICATIONS FOR SALE. Call re-acceptability in newspapers.

Newspapers Advertising FAQ'S
"What if my ad is more than 25 words"
-Most newspaper prices listed are based on a 25 words ad. If you are one or two words over, it is quite possible that your ad will be ok. However, in the larger daily papers, there could be a difference in the price quoted (when the ad requires an additional line of copy). You will be notified when this happens. Try to keep your ad at exactly 25 words. If you need a custom quote on more than 25 words, E-Mail us at
"Are these prices per ad, day or week?"
-The prices listed are for one week's worth of advertising for weeklies and one day for daily newspapers. Some of the weekly publications publish only once a week. Many publish two and even three times a week. Weekly & Daily papers show the run day next to each newspaper listed.
"Do you get a discount if I purchase a month at a time?"
-Yes. Call us for more infos.
"Do I receive a confirmation when the ad is placed?"
"How do I know my ad is placed"
-We makes every attempt to see that your ad is placed. Your are given an email confirmation once the ad is placed. # 1 Internet Advertising-Online Advertising Agency attempts to verify every ad placed through online verification, tearsheets, and billing info. However, we cannot guarantee 100% placement of all ads. If we find that an ad was not published, your account will be adjusted or credited for the amount of the ad. There is an additional charge for tearsheets for most papers.
"What if I want to buy a display ad"
-Email us or call our office for a custom quote of a display ad. Let us know the exact size of the ad for custom quotes. We can quote you on any size ad from a 1 column x 2" to a full page ad in the New York Times!
"What if I want to advertise in a newspaper not listed"
-You can call or email our office with the name of the publication you are looking to advertise in. As an Advertising Agency, we have access to almost any publication on the market. We are constantly adding new publications to our database.
"What type of ads do you accept"
-Online ads are accepted on an individual basis. We reserves the right to refuse any ad whatsoever for any reason. Most ads are accepted except adult material.
"What happen after I place an order"
-After your order is received, it is processed by # 1 Internet Advertising-Online Advertising Agency. If the ad meets all the requirements for insertion, the ad is placed and your account is billed. If we require more information, or if there is a problem with the ad such as a paper not accepting the ad, too many words in the ad, ad submitted past the deadline,etc., you are notified by email or phone before the ad is placed.
How are words counted?
-Customary words count as one word. Hyphenated words count as two words. Telephone numbers count as one word, except for extension numbers that also count as a word. E-mail addresses count as three words.
How many responses will I receive?
-If you provide a well-written ad, and are selling a valuable product or service, you should be very pleased with the response you receive. However, we do not provide any kind of response guarantee.
Is it cost-effective to run my ad with # 1 Internet Advertising-Online Advertising Agency?
-YES! We estimate that it would cost more than five times as much to place the ad yourself, and this does not include the time and effort required to contact hundreds of newspapers for one buy.

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