Affordable Real Estate Advertising

Affordable Real Estate Advertising.

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Affordable Real Estate Advertising

Many people are so confused about advertising their real estate site and the fear of being ripped off that they never really do much with their site. So what should real estate advertising agents do to begin gaining internet traffic that can expand their client base and increase their real estate sales?
Here are 3 quick and easy real estate advertising options that will jump-start your real estate related marketing within a month! These methods are valuable tools to improve your visibility and enhance your real estate advertising campaign. - If you’re a real estate agent and you haven’t discovered Craigslist, you are way behind the curve. Craigslist is a quick, easy and effective way to advertise your listings, your website, and business. Agents can post on a very regular basis for free, which includes free hosting for the property photos, inclusion of links to your website.
Another valuable aspect about using Craigslist is that your real estate listing will more than likely get picked up by the search engines, and many other sites use postings in Craigslist to populate data for their sites such as In less than 10 minutes you can get hundreds to thousands of prospective clients to view your listing, see all of your contact information, have you ad go out on many other websites and get another page indexed in the search engines, and it doesn’t cost you a dime! – MyLocalProfile is a fairly new product that leverages the power of several prominent data providers that the major search engines use to backfill the their local listing information on their regular search results, and on their local search listings. MylocalProfile gives any company or business that has a physical location to create and control the information that is listed in the search engines pertaining to their business.
This powerful tool gives companies the ability to update and change items such as their address, phone number, website address, company products, and many other listed items from one central profile. Another great feature about MyLocalProfile is that it creates a basic website that provides all their pertinent information. This is a valuable asset to local businesses that are not really in need of a fully functioning website such as a neighborhood coffeehouse to a local hardware store.
3.Advertising In Real Estate Directories – Many real estate professionals may be unaware of this, but there are thousands of directories that will list your site absolutely free. This is beneficial for several reasons, most notably free traffic to your website, and increased links to your site (this is one element that can improve your search engine rankings). Taking this a step further there are a decent amount of directories that are specialized towards the real estate industry only.
Most of real estate directories are free or less than 20 bucks to have your site listed. Just go to the search engine of your choice and search for “real estate directories” and you will get a clearer picture of this opportunity. Real estate advertising made easy!
The opportunities I’ve laid out are quick, effective, and moreover inexpensive real estate advertising methods of driving traffic to your site. Spend even 1 hour a week implementing these quick results strategies and you’ll see viable results without committing thousands of dollars towards a seo campaign, or tens of hours trying to learn and optimize your real estate site on your own.
Even if you are implementing a search engine optimization campaign utilizing the above-mentioned techniques will still benefit your hunt to gain traffic quickly as your seo campaign develops.
The annual report by the National Association of Realtors profiling homebuyers and sellers reveals some interesting information about how and where to spend money when it comes to real estate advertising. The study's findings should be of interest to real estate agents and clients alike.
For example, the study discovered that real estate advertising on local television may not be the best use of advertising dollars when it comes to marketing properties. Although some 25 percent of homebuyers surveyed said they did sometimes use television as a source of leads, less than one percent of them said they had first learned about the home they eventually purchased by seeing it on TV.
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Affordable Search Engine Optimization

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