Direct Email Marketing Strategies

Direct Email Marketing Strategies

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Direct Email Marketing Strategies

At one time, email promotion internet marketing, better known as permission-based direct email marketing, was even more important than it is today, but it is still an excellent e-marketing strategy, and one you need to learn about. In essence, this topic area boils down to two primary targeted direct email marketing strategies.
Method #1: Your email newsletter.
Which you have already created, RIGHT? If you haven't started your own newsletter, seriously think about it. Your return on the dollar will most likely be highest using this method.
Your newsletter is FREE to create and to FREE to transmit. If your list grows to 1000 people and you send out one message every week, you reach 1000 targeted customers for FREE every week. Starting your own newsletter not only makes sense, it is a winning e-marketing strategy. It is at the core of every successful permission-based direct email marketing campaign. Several of the top e-marketing people will tell you flat out that starting a newsletter first is the single best way to start an internet business, and ultimately to promote a web site you can create later on.
Method #2 : Using opt-In mailing lists and purchased lead lists for permission-based direct email marketing.
Opt-In simply means that someone has asked to join a mailing list. With some exceptions, you must have permission to send someone commercial email, or you risk breaking the law. If you insist upon sending unsolicited commercial email, then your online e-marketing future will be bleak, and probably short-lived. Spam complaints from unhappy recipients can get your web site shut down, and even land you in jail, or facing stiff fines, if you have failed to follow the law when doing your mailings.
On the other hand, if someone "opts in" to your list, and you have a record of it, then you have their permission to send them commercial (i.e., business oriented) email. To remain in compliance with the law, you must still include a valid "unsubscribe" link and a valid physical mailing address in your emails, and follow a few other guidelines (for example, avoid misleading subject lines), but in essence you are free to conduct targeted direct email marketing campaigns.
It takes time to build an opt-in list, but the advantage is that people are already interested in what you have to say and/or what you sell. Your opt-In list will contain the email addresses of people that have asked to be informed about new things related to certain subjects or topics, or will consist of "opportunity seekers" who have filled out a form on your website, asking for more information about online business and related subjects. That is exactly what you want, because now you have a targeted audience of people who want to hear what you have to say.
Building an opt-in list sounds impossible if you don't have your own web site, or yours is a low traffic web site (like most web sites!). Guess again. You can pay services to generate co-registration leads and get those newsletter subscribers for you, or you can buy opt-in leads , if you just want to develop a list to send promotions to.
Be careful who you deal with, especially when buying leads. Cheap leads from vendors who do nothing but resell "harvested" email addresses can get you into a lot of hot water in a hurry, especially now that spam is illegal, and spammers can be subjected to some very stiff penalties. On the other hand, if you deal with a reputable vendor you can build a good opt-in list of either opportunity seekers or newsletter subscribers quickly. The money spent will come back to you in time, in terms of increased sales of your product.
I maintain a list of high quality leads useful for targeted direct email marketing strategies. You can't go wrong using any of these sources, and several offer you the chance to make some money in the process. You can also buy leads directly from me. I have developed my own high-quality sources for co-registration leads, and sell business opportunity leads.
Email marketing is a strategy that is extremely cost effective, but the same time it can prove disastrous to a company's image. So follow the above tips and avoid any 'rise to fame fast' methods and we are sure you will be on the safe list. Good luck on your email marketing campaign.
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