Elements Of An Effective Email Marketing Message

Elements Of An Effective Email Marketing Message.

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Elements Of An Effective Email Marketing Message

Email is one of the few things that all internet users have in common. Email is free, user friendly and everywhere! This is what makes it such a powerful marketing tool!
Email marketing allows you to have instant and repeated communication with prospects and team members. You can promote your products, services, website, anything you like, over and over again! A well-crafted email campaign can really make your sales skyrocket with little initial investment.
So, what are the elements of an effective email campaign?
Send emails to targeted prospects. You will be wasting your marketing dollars if you don’t. Not everyone is going to be interested in your product or service. Don’t waste your time with those who aren’t!
Personalize all your emails . This can increase your response ratio by over 50%! People are overwhelmed with email these days. One that has their name in the headline is much more likely to catch your prospects eye. Also, inserting their name in the copy of the letter tends to keep them reading your message.
The headline must be eye catching! We will go into this in the next chapter. Just know that this is the MOST important part of your email message. It doesn’t matter if you have the best written message in the world – if no one opens your email to read it, you will have wasted your time.
The first paragraph should summarize your entire message. It should refer to the headline and give an over all view of the information you are trying to get across. This paragraph should create excitement and curiosity. You want the prospect to continue to read the message so you must hold his or her attention! Remember, focus on benefits! How will they benefit by reading your email? What will they learn? Will it make their life easier?
Make your copy easy to read. Look through the ‘Email Excellence’ section again – better yet, print it out and refer to it when you’re writing your email.
Test your emails effectiveness. You should test the headline, the opening paragraph, and the body. Make sure you only change one thing at a time so you can accurately measure the results.
Develop a great signature file. Your signature file is a 3 or 4 line footer that you can attach to all of your messages. It appears right below your name and should tell the person who you are and how they can contact you. You can include an email address, your phone number, URL, company name and slogan etc. Remember, the slogan should always focus on the benefits your prospect will receive.
Email gives you the opportunity to contact thousands of prospective members very easily. Unfortunately, it also gives that opportunity to many others. Take the time to design effective email messages and you will stand out from the crowd!
Whenever you are sending many email attachments, or email attachments that are very large, you should always compress your files first using a standard compression utility such a winzip.
Email is a daily part of your life. It is a valuable communication tool to your customers and friends. Why not invest a small amount of time to become more efficient and effective in how you manage your email? The investment you make in learning how to use an advanced email client will be paid back within your first week.
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