Using Fax Broadcasting To Generate Leads For Your Business.

Using Fax Broadcasting To Generate Leads For Your Business.

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Using Fax Broadcasting To Generate Leads For Your Business.

Fax broadcast is one of the most underused POWER Marketing Tools I come across.

Fax advertising is one of my favourite marketing tools for service businesses. The trouble is that most people NEVER get the results they should.


Several things spring to mind, but often the omission of this broadcast fax advertising 'secret' is one of the prime causes of failure.
Very few people appreciate the benefits of fax broadcast. In fact most service providers shy away from using this marketing tool because of the negative feelings it can bring (or they assume it can bring!).
However, when it's done right - you'll surprise yourself at the results it generates.
Here are the secrets behind successful fax broadcast...
1. There are two successful formats for your fax...
Three column editorial style - this is characterised by a benefit written headline across the top of the fax and three columns of text. This is my preferred approach, mainly because you can cram more information in.
Sales letter - use the principles of successful sales letter writing and apply it to your fax (no more than 2 pages though!).
2. Like always, your headline is the key to response.
3. Choose two of your most appealing headlines.
4. Test your top two headlines. I would suggest a test volume of no more than 2,000. This means you can test one headline against the other with 1,000 each.
5. ALWAYS give people an option to be taken off your list. Just write the following across the bottom of your fax...
"If you wish to have your fax number removed - please fax your request to XXXXX."
6. The fax numbers you use MUST be checked against the Faxing Preference Service List (UK) or other fax legislation depending on which country or State you work in.
7. You can either send the faxes yourself with fax software, or more simply use a fax broadcast service. To find one near you simply carry out an Internet search on 'Fax Broadcast Services.' There are many fax broadcast services around - many of which are listed on the Internet.
8. Good times to send your faxes are between 11am and 3pm, but test the 'off-peak' times such as weekends and evenings. Your cost will be less, but in my experience response tails off too much. Nevertheless it's definitely worth a quick test.

9. Get ready for the response. Typically you can expect to receive from 0.5% to 5% using this approach. Even at the lower end you could achieve substantial profit from using fax broadcast.

Don't forget when you use fax broadcast your overheads are reduced dramatically - no postage, no printing, and no set up cost.

Fax broadcast is one of the real 'gems' of POWER marketing. It is extremely quick and very cheap to carry out a fax broadcast campaign. As long as you adhere to the local and national* fax broadcast laws you'll be fine.

Incidentally using a fax broadcast service will ensure your campaign runs within the laws, which in itself is a good enough reason to use a fax broadcast service.

Don't forget to track your broadcast fax advertising by putting a simple key code on the coupon. You must do this so you can keep records of which broadcast faxes are most profitable.

You really will be surprised at the results fax broadcast will achieve for you and your service business.

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