Fax Broadcasting Marketing Seminar

Fax Broadcasting Marketing Seminar

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Fax Broadcasting Marketing Seminar

Throughout the UK knowledgeable business to business marketers are obtaining exceptional results from a little known, but highly effective, promotional activity. This approach to marketing has existed for some time, and although for a while it lost ground to newer, more innovative techniques such as email marketing it is returning to favour – in a big way.
Now that emails are no longer working as well as they once did, considerable numbers of business to business marketers are coming back to ‘old faithful’ and, in many cases, getting great results. But first, a small story.
Years ago, when first starting out in business, I recall saying to the chairman of one of the country’s largest recruitment agencies that I couldn’t understand why his company sent out so many advertising flyers since virtually all of them were ‘junked’. His response was whilst he accepted that 99% of his advertising was thrown away, and thus appeared wasted, he required less than a 1% response to more than justify this apparently needless expenditure. And it was this ‘less than 1%’ return with each successive mailing that eventually enabled my friend and mentor to become a millionaire many times over.
Exactly the same principles, and similar success stories, apply to fax marketing. However, mention the words FAX MARKETING to ‘marketers’ and in many instances the reaction will be one of disdain. You’ll hear the response that fax marketing ‘doesn’t work’, that everybody ‘throws their ad faxes away’, that ‘nobody reads them’. This bias against fax marketing invariably comes from persons who have never tried it and therefore ‘assume’ that it doesn’t work or from those who have done a single broadcast, anticipating great results.
Yet, in one respect the doomsayers are right. Most recipients do throw ad faxes away without ever bothering to read them – in exactly the same way as most recipients of my friend’s flyers threw them away. But that’s not the point. The simple reality is that if your ad message is well crafted, involves a great offer, and targets the right audience, then your marketing fax may well produce a response beyond your wildest expectations. Here in the UK, regular fax broadcasters are quietly celebrating, as they count, the often exceptional returns on the monies they invest in fax marketing (also known as fax broadcasting).
One of the many reasons fax broadcasting works is its sense of urgency, its immediacy. You may be given a new product to advertise at 9am and by 10am details could be on their way to up to 500,000 or more businesses throughout the country. No other medium offers such a quick, and low cost, route to market. This fast turnaround is especially critical in some industries such as car leasing where it is often critical that a new offer be communicated to the marketplace as quickly as possible.
This was certainly true for Andrew Kirkley of vehicle leasing company One Stop Vehicles. A few months ago, with a new offer just in, he sent around 50,000 faxes expecting to place 2 or 3 cars. With this response he would have been well pleased. Imagine therefore his great delight when, within a few days, his company had sold / leased 38 cars @ £28,000 each, bringing in over £1 million of sales revenue for a total marketing cost of less than £1,250.
And David Ross of Rosewood Advertising (Paintball field operator) is also enjoying great returns – so much so that this month he intends faxing the entire UK business fax database of 550,000 companies.
However, as with any form of advertising, there’s a right way and a wrong way to approach fax marketing. Get it right and you’ll likely earn a small fortune for yourself or your company. Get it wrong, and it’s almost certainly money partially or substantially wasted.
Sometimes a client will send out a single fax broadcast hoping that the earth will shake and that thousands of pounds of business will result. Occasionally it does. But in general it’s a bad approach that’s akin to betting your entire fortune on a single throw of the dice. As with any form of advertising regularity is the real key to success. Unless your product is extraordinarily exciting with a ‘must have now’ factor, prospective customers will want to see that your business is for real before responding. One of the key tests of this is how often you advertise. It was the late John Caples, one of the world’s finest copywriters, and author of Tested Advertising Methods, who once said that in direct response advertising it often takes up to seven exposures before a client will respond.
Take the case of The Recruitment Bureau. They sent out four broadcasts with negligible response and were about to give up. Sales executive Simon Conie convinced them to make another attempt, broadcasting to the same audience. And, to their delight, on the fifth broadcast the response was greater than the first four combined. Today, The Recruitment Bureau is firmly committed to fax broadcasting based on the results it is getting.
Over the years at Team Telecom we have sent out millions of faxes for a wide variety of clients. At the moment we are sending around 12-15 million faxes year, and this number is increasing month by month. As a result, we know something about this under-rated, and very effective, form of marketing. Every day we receive calls from companies interested in fax broadcasting and wanting to know how it works, and how can they get it right. And every day we provide answers to their questions.
Such is the current level of interest that we have decided to hold a one day seminar on fax marketing in which you’ll learn everything there is to know about faxing and how it can add to your bottom line in terms of profits. This day long event, scheduled for Friday June 10, will be held in the seaside town of Hove (60 minutes from London-Victoria; 30 minutes from Gatwick).
As most businesses are aware, fax broadcasting is governed by legislation. There are categories of businesses that can legally be sent faxes, and others that can’t. Get this wrong and you could potentially face a fine of up to £5,000. We’ll give you a complete run down on who can and who cannot be faxed. We’ll tell you what you must do to comply with the rules – which are quite simple once you know them. Tessa Kelly, Compliance Director of the Fax Preference Service (the government enforcement agency) has agreed to speak at the seminar on the topic of legal / illegal faxing.

Towards the end of the day we’ll be featuring a panel discussion involving successful broadcasters who are prepared to share with you their insights into what makes for a winning fax broadcast. Part of this discussion will involve critiquing faxes that have not been as successful as they might have been. If you plan to attend the seminar, and would like the panel to give its assessment of how your copy might be improved, then please send us (email or in printed form) a copy of the fax that you would like the panel to critique. Depending on the number of requests received it may be necessary to limit the number of public critiques. If you plan to take advantage of this offer you will need to complete a simple questionnaire which is available on request.

See you there!

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