How To Launch An Effective Fax-Based Direct Marketing Campaign?

How To Launch An Effective Fax-Based Direct Marketing Campaign?

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How To Launch An Effective Fax-Based Direct Marketing Campaign?

Opting for fax broadcasting is a wise decision, since it is far less expensive than the traditional postal method (anywhere from 0.2 to 0.4 per page) and generates far greater impact. A word of warning, however: the pertinence of your message, the quality of your targeting and your mailing list are as much the keys to the success of your direct marketing operation as the type of media you use. The aim is to combine the best possible direct marketing techniques with the advantages of facsimile communications, and to get the most from this type of communication tool.

Here are a few tips for conducting effective fax-based Marketing campaigns:
The quality of your mailing list: a crucial element
Making sure that a fax mailing list is up to date and accurate requires constant attention. You may be sending the right message, but if this does not reach the right telephone numbers or recipients, your operation will be a waste of time and effort.
- Check your fax marketing mailing list and update the information it contains, especially for the fields that you will use to customise your messages (company name, recipient's name), job titles, fax numbers, etc.
- If you are starting from scratch and if you require a mailing list, there are service providers specialising in this field, who can provide the names and addresses you need. The advantage of this solution is that your mailing list is kept up to date, reliable and complete.
- If you are renting your mailing list from a service provider, define your requirements in terms of content as clearly as possible with the company, and make sure that the list is targeted at the people you want to reach. Some service providers are fairly "general" in their approach, while other are more specialised (by business sector, technology, sales, industry, geographical areas, etc.), and are able to provide more precise information, which is very useful if the message you wish to broadcast is highly specific.
- Watch out for the "unwanted numbers" list: this is equivalent to a list of ex-directory telephone numbers. It contains the numbers of fax subscribers who do not want their number to be disclosed and wish to be protected from unwanted fax messages. If you carry out a direct marketing operation targeted at a large number of prospects, make sure that your list is completely free of "Safran" numbers. Failing to do this could result in you being investigated should an unhappy recipient decide to make an official complaint.
- watch out for "telephone numbers": make sure that your list only contains fax numbers, and that no telephone numbers have been accidentally included. The recipient's telephone will ring, because of the carrier wave signal," until he or she picks up the phone. If they decide to investigate the source of this call, they could take legal action against you.
AIDA, or the key to a successful fax broadcast
As usual, the simplest things work the best. That's how the famous AIDA method came about, which represents an excellent reminder for professional wishing to launch a successful multicast.

Attract their attention, i.e. surprise your target prospects. However, don't lose sight of the aim of your mailshot, as we mentioned earlier.


Creating interest means talking to your prospects about what concerns THEM, rather than simply passing on your own personal visions. This can be the most difficult task of all, because you have to see things from your customers' or prospects' point of view. You may have carried out a market survey prior to organising your mailshot, which will make planning the project far easier.


Stirring up interest also means stimulating your readers to go where you want them to go. To do this, you need a commitment to sell, which provides a guarantee for the reader that he or she has something to gain from your offer. This is particularly difficult to achieve, as both professional and public prospects are submerged with information, prospectuses and, increasingly, unsolicited e-mails.


Desire is fine, but you still need to secure either the sale or the target's reply. To achieve this, you need to provide prospects with an easy way to contact you, underlining the specially adapted communications channels (such as your unified mailbox, for example).
Technical means for broadcasting faxes to hundreds of different recipients
Service providers capable can take care of routing your fax mailshot in the shortest possible time, whatever the number of recipients. They are equipped with platforms which enable the simultaneous channelling of several hundreds or thousands of faxes. They are generally supervised by trained operators, redial busy numbers, and keep you informed on the status of your project via operation reports.
Specialised software packages enable you to create your document with personalised fields, and to compile them with your mailing list. These software packages are offered by the above service providers, who frequently develop them themselves. As a rule, you can download them onto your computer, and interface them with the platform of the service provider supplying the link for your operation.

The great thing about fax advertising is that everybody has to read their faxes. You are guaranteed of at least one view per fax, unlike a magazine which has a hundred pages and your ad may or may not be seen. Direct mail many times will be thrown directly into the garbage. Not every body watches the TV channel you're advertising on exactly at that time. EVERY FAX IS READ.

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