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Fax Broadcast Services - We Make Fax Advertising Simple! Fax Lists, Fax Press Release.

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Fax Broadcasting Services That Deliver!

Fax Advertising solutions enable you to send information to hundreds, or thousands of fax destinations around the clock and around the world for extensive and immediate customer reach. Our Fax Advertising programs are available nationally or state-by-state. We make fax advertising / marketing simple... At price that makes sense. Whether it is new products, new offers, press releases or special promotions, Fax Advertising can deliver your message effectively. The ultimate control and convenience of Fax Advertising!

"Fax Broadcast Advertising has been instrumental in assisting us in getting our message out to the automotive industry across USA. We are able to instantly send out information to over 3,000 dealers every week. In addition to faxing advertisements, we do a lot of faxing for bookkeeping, getting reports to our brokers all over the country. Fax broadcasting is exceptional. It does the job with minimal administrative efforts and we get the results in hours."
Steven Mulroney-Automotive Dealers Association

Fax Advertising Service at price that makes sense!

How would you like to deliver documents instantly to thousands of people anywhere in the world? We specializes in getting your message out to prospects, media, suppliers, and the public in a cost effect and efficient manner. Fax broadcasting deliver! Almost every business in the world uses a fax machine to communicate and fax broadcasting is proven to deliver information quickly.

Fax broadcasting is a remarkable tool for corporate communication. Production costs are lower and response rates are higher than traditional mail programs.
Fax Advertising Service Solutions

Fax Advertising - Fax Broadcast Service Tips:
-Limit your fax to one page. Whether you are sending a flyer, fax newsletter, or update announcement, don’t flood your prospect with mounds of paper. Keep your information short and include lively headlines that will entice them to read more. We have found the most efficient way to do fax broadcasting is to take your broadcasting document and format it as a cover page. Then broadcast this cover page with no body. This makes for a short fax, much appreciated by recipients. NEVER use more of the recipient's paper than absolutely necessary.
-A toll free number on your fax broadcast is the key to getting people to pick up the phone. If a prospect feels that they can respond for FREE, there is 99% more chance that they will call you to respond to your fax broadcasting advertisement.
-Include your website address in your fax Broadcast. People need to be able to access your information without contacting you. It will save you a lot of non-productive time if you have a way to weed out certain callers who are just tire-kickers or look-e-loos.
-Use a Disclaimer. By law, you must provide a way for citizens uninterested in receiving fax ads to be removed from your future faxes. Many states even require that this be a toll free number. Ask your fax broadcaster about this. Some do not provide this service. (We provide a toll free number and a disclaimer for you when you use our service.) And don't send them another fax! We never send fax ads to numbers of people who've requested to be removed from our mailing list.
-Finally, include a note on how to unsubscribe. Show your prospects that you are attentive to their needs. Over time, their desire to receive your information may change, or your contacts may move to different departments or companies. Include a notice in each fax broadcast that enables your prospects to contact you to unsubscribe, change contact names, etc.

Now you understand how to get started, happy and lucrative fax broadcasting!

Below are just a few of the uses for our Fax Advertising service:

• Press Releases by fax • Stock News Alerts • Political Election Campaigns • Notices to Branch Offices
• Public Relations • Media Release • Company Newsletters • Government Tenders for Purchase
• Legal Notices • Product Recalls • Good News Publicity • Consumer Alerts/Product Alerts

• 2.5 million fax lists across North America.
• We can send up to 25,000 faxes per hour
• Dynamic Retry System – Maximize deliveries with our dynamic retry system.
• Data On Call is transparent; we're merely an extension of your business
• Full-Service Assistance – Our friendly staff will handle all the details for you!
• Detailed Reporting - You'll know exactly how many faxes went through

Fax Broadcasting and Fax Broadcast Advertising Rates

New!! We can target by city, state, zip, area code, business type and/or SIC code.

With our targeted fax numbers, using our high volume fax broadcasting equipment, we can get your business advertisement to clients or prospects at a fraction of the cost of direct mail. We can help you create your fax advertisement and then broadcast your message to whomever you wish to send it to. Fax Broadcast made simple!

Fax Broadcasting: 5,000 Full Page Flyers $350 or $.07 Per Page Buy Now
Fax Broadcasting: 10,000 Full Page Flyers $600 or $.060 Per Page Buy Now
Fax Broadcasting: 40,000 Full Page Flyers $1600 OR $.040 Per Page Buy Now
Fax Broadcasting: 50,000 Full Page Flyers $1750 or $.035 Per Page Buy Now
Fax Broadcasting: 100,000 Full Page Flyers $3000 OR $.030 Per Page Buy Now

Fax Advertising Supported Documents Fax Advertising Supported Fax List Formats
• MS Word • MS Access
• MS Excel • MS Excel
• Word Perfect • ASCII Comma Delimited

If you have a question about Fax Advertising or problem that needs personal attention, feel free to contact us through our Customer Service e-mail, which is available through the button to the right. You can send any questions or suggestions directly to our support staff from this link. We will make every effort to get back to you within the next few minutes.

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