Fax Broadcasting Testimonials

"Over the years, I have used at least 10 faxing services. Your Fax Broadcasting Service is the easiest to use by far."

- M. Brison., Boston, Massachusetts
"Our product and service is Education and with that comes diverse and constantly changing information. I need a medium that can capture a very large audience very quickly at a reasonable price. I have found that your fax broadcast service has brought the most success at the right price. Your service is reliable, fast, price competitive and always under promises and over delivers."

Michael Palmer-Business Education Services
"Your service and quality is exceptional. It does the job with minimal administrative efforts and we get the results in hours. And I love the reports that help me to keep on the top of my database."

Steven Mulroney-Automotive Dealers Association
"Since I switched to # 1 Internet Advertising-Online Advertising Agency , I have saved over $200 per month on my faxing. Thank you!"

M. Butterfield., Lexington, Kentucky
"We have used your service for 3 years...This a business relationship that works."

Gordon Wilson-Wilson Computers Ltd.
"We simply email the document over, with a targeted fax list and are confident the faxes are going immediately. The sales team will come in the next day to orders via fax. We have found your FAX service to be a very reliable service and a real asset to our overall organization."

Bill Gerrie
"We used to broadcast ourselves but have found it frees up a lot of man-hours and other resources including our telephone lines for less cost with better results."

Jose Tapia

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service that you have provided us with over the last six months. When developing a business relationship with a company, there are some traits that I find are critical that they possess. Those traits include honesty, reliability and dedication to not only their own success, but also to the success of my company. #1 Internet Advertising Agency has definitely proven itself 100% in all these areas."

Jennifer Warawa-PBP Logistic

"The phone rings constantly when a broadcast is on its way and we get lots of inquiries on our web page. You have provided us with excellent service and support. We broadcast to over 10,000 businesses quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively."

Bernie Fandrich-Kumsheen Raft Adventures
"I have tried other means of advertising my product and my goal was not reached, I felt that I was not getting my money's worth. I was spending upwards of $3,000 in trade magazines, newspapers ads, and mail campaigns for almost insignificant results. I was not happy. When I discovered your fax broadcast service, I was impressed with the immediate response that I received. Fax Broadcast is an inexpensive and Supreme Form of marketing. It works wonders."

Blaine Marynivik