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Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Placement Service.

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Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Placement. Search Engine Placement And Optimization: Submission to Yahoo directory and Google. All search engine and directory traffic comes from these Top 2 search engines. Search Engine Submission is by far the most cost-effective way to generate constant visitors on your site.
Search Engine Placement And Optimization Services - We analyze your homepage and prepare detailed reports that reveal needed changes that will boost your search engine ranking. We make the changes for you and we'll even upload the revised web page for you if you want. Drive traffic to your website and stop the pain with our complete search engine submission and optimization solution! Quaranteed Search Engine Optimization And Search Engine Submission.

Proper Search Engine Submission And Optimization is the first and most important step in promoting your website. We can help bring traffic to your website. Proper Search Engine Placement And Optimization is the first and most important step in promoting your website.
Our submissions are performed manually by a trained Internet technician.Our technician receives a screen-shot back from each search engine and directory, verifying your submission was accepted and properly submitted. You receive an email completion report verifying all your successful submissions. We do not use automated submission software. Your site is carefully submitted by a trained and qualified technician.

Some companies in our field impose high set-up fees, submit your page to the search engines one time ... And then forget about you. If you complain to them about diminished traffic, they will gladly help you - for another big fee ... And then forget about you again. # 1 Internet Advertising-Online Advertising Agency , on the other hand, charge no monthly maintenance fee and no monthly report fee. We provide all those services, but at no extra charge. We also provide 24 hours customers support:

Another consideration is the fact that over 98% of all search engine and directory traffic come from Yahoo and Google. However It is still important to be in some of the other 'industry specific' directories however, Yahoo and Google are THE most important. The only sure method is to go back each month, verify your listing is in...and if not - properly resubmit manually.

Our initial submission is to 120 search engines and directories. Then, each succeeding month, for 4 months, our technicians manually verify that you are in the Top 20 search engines and directories while concentrating on Yahoo and Google. Yahoo and Google are the world's most visited internet destination, reaches over 830 million unique users--potential customers for your business--each month on a local and global level.

Benefits - Summary: Our Search Engine Submission an Optimization Package include the following:

-Keyphrase Research. Perform extensive keyword research to determine your targeted keyword phrase that will fetch you greater ranking and visibility in all the major search engines and directories.

-Development of Description and Title Tag

-HTML verification and validation to make sure your website is search engine friendly.

-Yahoo Express Submission (Get listed in 7 days). A value of $299.00. Important note: Use of the Yahoo! Express program does not ensure that your submission will be accepted for inclusion in the Yahoo! Directory or that it will receive the site placement or description that you request. Final determination on whether the site is accepted, it's placement and it's description is made in Yahoo!'s sole discretion.

-24 Hours e-mail support!

-Any necessary adjustments needed along the way to produce the best results.

Tips! Don't throw away your precious advertising dollars on those "submit to 2000 search engines" offers. All these programs do is to fill your mailbox up with unwanted spam. We offers a superior search engine submission and optimization service that is targeted and guaranteed to bring results!

Your site is manually submitted by a trained and qualified technician to the following search engines and directories:

AOL Search
iBoom Network i-Explorer
Open Directory Project
Yahoo Australia & New Zealand)
Yahoo Brasilia
Yahoo Canada
Yahoo(UK & Ireland)
Abadoor (D)
About Australia (AU)
Acoon (D)
Action! (D)
Add2Me (DK)
Advalvas Yellow (BE)
Aike (AR)
ALook4 (DE)
Amadillo (D)
Ameta (D)
Anzwers (AU/NZ)
Arianna (IT)
Augeauf (D)
Austria Netguide
Austrian WebWizard
Austronaut (AT)
Beamed Search
Bellissima (D)
Bellnet (D)
Big Bang
Blitzsuche (D)
Boleh Malaysia Search
Buscapique Espa-a
Canada Seek
Dale2000 (AR)
Dansk Web Index (DK)
Direct Hit

Excite (AU)
Excite (CA)
Excite (CH)
Excite (FR)
Excite (IT)
Excite (NL)
Excite (PL)
Excite (SE)
Excite (UK)
FAST Search (
FindALL (D)
Fireball (D)
FreeSeek (D)
Gimme NetSearch
Giraffen (DK)
GlobePage (China)
Goo (JP)
Google (AU)
Google (CA)
Google (CH)
Google (FR)
Google (IT)
Google (NL)
Google (PL)
Google (SE)
Google (UK)
Greek Indexer
Grippo (AR)
Henkel Austria
HKSeek Hong Kong
Iguana/Radar (MX)
Ilse (BE)
Ilse (NL)
Infoseek (CH)
Infoseek (D)
ie Search (Africa)
iTv Search
Jayde Online
JopiNet (ES)
Joyzone (DK)
Lokace (FR) (D)
Lycos (AT)
Lycos (BE)
Lycos (D)
Lycos (DK)
Lycos (ES)
Lycos (FR)
Lycos (IT)
Lycos (NL)
Lycos (NO)
Lycos (SE)
Lycos (UK)
Lycosch (CH)

MSN Search
Mundo Latino
Nathan (D)
Nerd World Media
NetIndex (PT)
Netscan (FR)
Netscape Search
Northern Light
NZ Explorer
Pippo (IT)
Radar UOL (BR)
Scrub The Web
Search (CH)
Search Hound
Searchup (D)
Shop Reach
Sofcom Australian Websearch (AU)
SpeedFind (D)
Splat! Search
Startpunt NL
Super Snooper
Surftrade (BR)
Swisspage (CH)
Tagoror ES
The Cozy Cabin
The Internet Archive
The Internet Resource Exchange
TheKing (NL)
TrouveTout (FR)
UK Plus
UK Submit
Vindex (NL)
VindIn.NL (NL)
Voila (ES)
Voila (FR)
Web Trawler (D)
WebSearch (AU)
WebSearch (DK)
Webtip (DE)
WebWombat (AU/NZ)
Webwatch (BE)
WoYaa! (FR)
WWWijzer NL
whatUseek (ES)

We guarantee that we will increase your website traffic in the next 60 days or we refund your money no question asked! How can we make such a bold offer? Because we know our service works, our customers testify to it, and there's no other company on the market that matches it.

For a one time payment of $1499.95 with no monthly fees or set up charges you get a full Search Engine Submissions and Optimization package! Other's companies charge 3-4 times more for the same service without any guarantee. Drive traffic to your website now!

A high traffic site can put serious CASH in your hand!

This Week Special Only: One time search engine submission and Optimization: $149.95!

That incredible offer include the Development of your Description and Title Tag (Home page only), HTML verification and validation of your website to make sure it is search engine friendly. And finally, submission of your website to the 120 search engines and directories. An incredible value. Don't miss it!

Buy now!

If you have a question or problem that needs personal attention, feel free to contact us through our Customer Service e-mail, which is available through the button to the right. You can send any questions or suggestions directly to our support staff from this link. We will make every effort to get back to you within the next few minutes.

(*) Inclusion subject to compliance with editorial and content policies. One week lead time required for directory reviews.

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