How To Use Your Mailing List Effectively

How To Use Your Mailing List Effectively.

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How To Use Your Mailing List Effectively

Here I'll cover a few points relating to the importance and effective use of an Email Marketing List. I hope you find something useful in them.
1) Why is a Mailing List so Important? If you have been trying to establish an online business for more than 1 hour, you'll have read somewhere that 'The Money is in The List!'. Chances are that at first you will have ignored that advice - 'Not for me, all I need to do is sell some affiliate products and I'll be a success'. Hopefully by now you've changed your mind! A list is important because:
* It gives you long-term customers, not one-offs * You save money because you don't need to keep on advertising to your customer base * It gives you certainty!
2) Is a Big List Important? Well, yes and no. Yes, because obviously in the long run a big list will generate more profit. No, because if you treat your subscribers correctly and you manage your list effectively, you can make excellent profits from a list of just 2-3000 subscribers. Note the 2 words I just used - 'correctly' and 'effectively'.
3) What is The Number One Mistake Most Marketers Make? Basically the number one mistake is that the great majority of marketers get hypnotized by numbers! They just concentrate on getting a bigger and bigger list, BUT this is inevitably done at the expense of their actual subscribers! In other words, they look on their subscribers as mere numbers, NOT people.
The most effective thing you can do is to learn to develop good relationships with your subscribers. Learn what pushes their buttons (there ARE ways to find this information) and then treat them in the way they like to be treated.
Learn to develop a good rapport long before you ever try and sell them something. DO this and you will find that your online profits grow in a way you could hardly dream about!
4) What Should I do Next? Here are a few steps for you to consider: * Develop a series of introductory messages that you will send to your new subscribers in order to develop a relationship with them. Ideally these will cover a period of at least 2 weeks.
DO NOT try and sell them anything, but DO try to give them some genuinely useful information. * Find some useful free gifts to give away. Don't go overboard with this though. * Locate some publications that deal with the topic of list development.
So there you have it. Following these few steps will help ensure that you can quickly develop a highly profitable list, and save a LOT of frustration.
Now that's a win-win situation!

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