Internet Marketing Strategies for Non Profit Organization

Internet Marketing Strategies for Non Profit Organization.

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Internet Marketing Strategies for Non Profit Organization

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Look at the statistics. There are about 100 million people in the USA and Canada itself, out of which more than 40 percent use the Internet frequently. Think about what a huge market this makes for non profit organizations. With the right marketing this could provide a huge base for raising funds.
Some Great and Fool Proof Marketing Strategies
The Internet is a very powerful media which can reach a huge number of people when used correctly. Check out the following marketing strategies and watch your funds grow.
1. Leverage Your Own Human Resources - Each non profit organization (NPO) has a field of intervention (a specialization) and an area where it applies its efforts. Wherever this NPO is active it definitely attracts local supporters, volunteers, donors and so on. Considering the fact that most of these people would use an email account you could have them advertising for you.

Ask everyone to support your cause and ask for contributions. Design attractive banners or signature tracks (that could be added at the end of the email as a link) which could be used with every email account. Imagine the reach-out impact of such a simple strategy.
2. Newsletters With Focus On Their Specialization – people are no longer happy to just give money for charity. They want to know they made a difference. Work out an informative newsletter with plenty of photographs and visuals which would impact people better than any fancy worded appeals.

Let them know what you are doing and what they could do through you. Distribute this newsletter through your website, blogs and forums. Watch your money pour in.
3. Article writing – this is not something that only profit making websites need to employ. You could use article writing to enlighten people regarding your work, the dangers, and results, the statistics and so on of your area of specialization.

People who find what you say touching enough, informative enough, important enough would be tempted to know more about you and visit your website through the link you would leave in the resource box of your article. This is another exceptional way of building your supporter list.
4. Fancy items – sell T-shirts, soft toys, magnets, watches, alarm clocks, key rings, posters and other such stuff through eBay mentioning that the funds raised would go to help the cause you are supporting. Sell the same items through your website as well.
Good Luck!

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