Professional language Translation Services

Professional language Translation Services

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Professional language Translation Services.Website Translation

Many companies and organisations already realise the immense benefits of translating their website. The problem is that many translation agencies are unable to deal with the variety of formats and the ongoing administration of changing content. This often leads to the developer employed by the organisation having their time increasingly used for copying and pasting text so that it is in a format the agency can deal with.

Website translation and localisation is a particularly delicate and complex operation, involving diverse skills and requiring experience of co-ordinating many different work streams. As with any translation and localisation project, it is not enough to simply convert the text into the destination language.

We’ve built a well-equipped infrastructure that goes far beyond the single-service shop. We provide the unique, full-service language management partnership that allows you to decide how involved you want to be, leaving you free time to tackle other matters.

Competitive rates & volume discounts reduce prices by up to 50% compared to other online translation agencies.

Professional language Translation ServicesHigh quality translation - over 500 in-house professional translators.

Fast turnaround - we can meet the tightest deadlines.

Rates starting at $49.95. Contact us now for a quote.

FAQ on website translation

How do I get the files to you?

There are three options for getting the files to us and they include sending us a zipped file by email, uploading to our FTP [file transfer protocol] server or giving us access to you site with login and password. Alternatively you may send all the files on a CD-ROM.

How will I receive the finished site?

We can return translated material in exactly the same manner as we received it.

What about different character sets?For instance Greek, Ukrainian, Amharic or Chinese?

Providing the required character sets can be recognised by the browsers and operating systems with the appropriate fonts, there should be no trouble.

How can I maximize costs / benefits from a translation agency?

When you consider a translation agency, specify the project in as much detail as possible. Make a list of things important to you and e-mail or fax them to the translation team. Explain the nature of your document. Is it a scientific translation? Is it marketing or legal terminology? Make sure to ask your important questions up front.

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