Marketing Techniques You Might Want To Rething

Marketing Techniques You Might Want To Rething.

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Marketing Techniques You Might Want To Rething

Lets face it - there are a bizzillion of people coming online every day. We want to buy your products and services. We want to become successful just like you. But we get easily confused. We're not stupid - just new to this whole Internet thing. So with all due respect, I'd like to pass on a few tips about what NOT to do with your business on the web.
1. Please don't make it difficult for me to navigate your website. The K.I.S.S. rule applies! Label your links with simple words that tell me exactly what's inside. (Forgive me, but some of them read like a bad translation from a foreign language. You know what I'm talking about - the word is almost right, but somehow doesn't quite hit the mark!) If you can't come up with a simple word, you've packed the link with too much stuff. Please sort it out and create a new link. If necessary, hire a newbie to offer a critique.
2. Please don't offer me a "your money back if you're not completely satisfied" guarantee without also giving me a simple, direct way to request one! Your email address buried at the bottom of the page in 6' type doesn't cut it. And please acknowledge my refund by email so I have a record to check against my credit card statement. Better yet, look at Human Click for live customer support and maybe I won't need one!
3. Please don't call it "Free" if it's not!
(By the way, it's free long distance service thru you PC if you're interested.) But it's not free information if I have to pay to join some "private club" or whatever to access it. I'm willing to pay a fair price, and there are plenty of ways to promote your business without insulting my intelligence.
4. Please don't pack your ebook with " Over 10,000 pages of must-have tips". This isn't the Pigley Wigley - you're not selling ground chuck by the pound. It just eats up my hard drive space, which I'm beginning to understand is precious. Besides, I become overwhelmed. Focus on what you have to say, and spell it out. Save the rest for another book.
5. Please don't fill up your ebook with too much tech talk and tell me "even a beginner can understand". I'm not impressed. And I can't understand unless you offer a simple explanation. What I am likely to do is get discouraged and request a refund. That is, if I can figure out how!
I hope this helps in your future marketing decisions.

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