Targeted Email Marketing Services, Optin Email Marketing Solution.

Targeted Email Marketing Services, Optin Email Marketing Solution.

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Targeted Email Marketing Services, Optin Email Marketing Solution.

Permission-based bulk email marketing has evolved into a vital part of the marketing and communications mix. Offering new marketing flexibility with shortened campaign timeframes, it is a fast, effective and low-cost method of interacting one-on-one with customers and prospects. According to Jupiter Communications, opt-in bulk email marketing expenditures will take over 33% of direct mail revenues by 2008.


# 1 Internet Advertising-Online Advertising Agency is top positioned to help your company take advantage of this shift in marketing strategy.

Optin bulk email marketing communication targets and interacts with customers in rapid, Internet time, and generally costs three times less than postal mail. Coupled with its ability to deliver added value in both measurability and improved response rates, Permission based bulk email marketing service, or opt-in email offers unprecedented advantages for maximizing ROI.

We adhere to all laws set forth by the United States governing direct email marketing service and do not engage, nor encourage, SPAM in any form.

Please report to us if any Bulk Mailers use our URL in their marketing mail out. The use of our URL link in the mail out is strictly prohibited!

Defining Opt-In Bulk Email Marketing: What is Opt-In?

In the context of optin email marketing, it never takes long for catchwords like "opt-in" or "permission-based email" to appear. But what exactly is optin email marketing? I find it easiest to think in terms of mailing lists when it comes to optin bulk email marketing. Email marketing service is nothing else but mailing lists in the end. The mailing list of an opt-in marketing campaign starts empty. The only way for an email address to get onto the list is by its owner explicitly requesting it. "Permission-based" means essentially the same. Optin Bulk Email Marketing material is sent only with permission, and often personalized. In simple terms, Optin bulk email marketing means visitors have given their consent and request to receive information about products and services from companies like yours. It not only qualifies prospects, it also makes them more receptive to your offer and the cost is substantially less than traditional direct marketing.

Effective Permission Based Email Marketing Techniques:

Permission based email marketing when used correctly, can be one of the most effective marketing techniques around. To get results, each opt-in emailing that you send has to be specific in terms of what you want each reader to get out of it. Without a clear understanding of what the purpose is for a opt-in mailing, you will not have any way of determining what impact each has on your business.

There are a number of different ways to use permission based bulk email marketing service. The three most effective ones are:

Special Offers, Invitations and Staying In Touch.

Special offers like coupons and discounts are classic direct optin bulk email marketing techniques that translate extremely well to email. In order for an offer to be effective, it must provide something of real value to the optin recipient. Minimal discounts are not enough to get the readers’ attention; you have to offer something of substance.

Invitations to events like seminars, conferences, and other special events are another type of highly effective permission based bulk email marketing. Seminars work particularly well for service industries like financial services, insurance, etc. These types of offers can be very effective when sent using opt-in email. Repetition is extremely important; sending two invitations spaced apart before the event will increase the number of attendees.

Staying in touch with customers and prospects by providing useful information like newsletters or postcards is the third major optin email marketing technique covered here. As opposed to offers or invitations, where you are trying to get an immediate response from the recipient, the purpose of sending a opt-in newsletter is simply making contact. Keeping the information short, to the point, and most importantly useful is the main objective.

Why Using Us As Your Email Marketing Solution?

A database of over 3 million permission-based email profiles. Quality Data: A database of over 3 million permission-based email profiles that can be used to deliver targeted email campaigns worldwide.
Bulk Email is significantly faster, more effective and less expensive than postal direct mail. Effective and Versatile: Bulk Email is significantly faster, more effective and less expensive than postal direct mail. It is the most versatile channel for companies to communicate with customers and targeted prospects.
Email Marketing Follow Up. One to One Relationships: Ability to create long-term customer relationships through frequent, consistent, personalized, responsive communication.
Email marketing Support. 24 hours customer support!

Beware Of E-Mail Marketing Solution Fraud!

Some companies in our field offer Low cost, Opt-in bulk email service like: 300,000 emails for 99$ and then forget about you . In fact, they send your advertisement to FFA's (Free For All Links) e-mail addresses who give absolutely nothing in return. We, at #1 Internet Advertising Agency, are very selective when choosing opt-in email list partners. We understand the importance of response and pride ourselves on the the response we can generate for our advertisers. Our secret to generating high response rates is simple. We only use high quality bulk opt-in email lists. Since the conception, we have rejected hundreds of permission based bulk email lists, totaling millions of potential opt-in subscribers to ensure our position as an industry leader.

Targeted Email Marketing Services, Optin Email Marketing Rates:

Permission Based Business Opportunities Seekers.
128,700 + recipients
$199.95 Buy Now
Permission Based Multi Level Marketing.
78,900+ recipients
$149.95 Buy now
Permission Based Gamblers.
187,500+ recipients
$259.95 Buy now
Permission Based Business.
144,400+ recipients
$169.95 Buy now
Permission Based Health & Fitness.
61,300+ recipients
$139.95 Buy now
Permission Based Home Owners.
378,300+ recipients
$399.95 Buy now
Permission Based Investors.
108,800+ recipients
$249.95 Buy now
Permission Based Computer Enthusiasts.
79,800+ recipients
$169.95 Buy now

The Following Targeted Email Marketing Lists are also available:
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New Website Announcements Merchandise Shopping Car Insurance Online Games
Commercial/ Industrial Real Estate Water Craft Wholesale Franchise
Airplanes Pets and Animals Sports Collectors Software
Personal Cooking Travel R/C planes Weight Loss
Food Supplements Books Arts, Hobbies Music Business for Sale

Permission-Based Email Marketing available by country
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United Kingdom
150,000+ recipients
500,000+ recipients
200,000+ recipients
400,000+ recipients
600,000+ recipients
200,000+ recipients

Email Marketing Frequently Asked Questions 

Email Marketing Support:

If you have a question or problem that needs personal attention, feel free to contact us through our Customer Service e-mail, which is available through the button below.

Our Advertising Agency provide 24 hours e-mail support. You can send any questions or suggestions directly to our support staff from this link. We will make every effort to get back to you within the next few minutes.

Permission Based E-Mail Service. Opt-in email, Permission Based Email Marketing Support.

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