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Newspaper Advertising Tips.

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Newspaper Advertising Tips

We provide newspaper advertising tips here - free of charge - to show you how, with a little knowledge and planning, anyone can master the basics of using local, regional and even national newsprint to advertise their business!
Newspapers are the most common type of print. From the standpoint of reaching a lot of people very quickly, most small businesses turn to newspapers for broad mass appeal.
Newspapers are a great way to get the word out fast. This can convert to fast sales. If you have the budget, newspapers are comparatively inexpensive. Plus, you can change your ad quickly and frequently and more often than not you can negotiate the cost of design to little or nothing.
Newspaper advertising can also be used to convey a lot of information. Because of the size of the page, you can include special offers, testimonials, coupons, maps, name it."
Turnaround time is very short. You can often change your ad the night before a newspaper goes to print. Hence, newspapers can be a great way to announce a sale or special event.
Newspapers usually have very impressive distribution and reach numbers and can therefore be very effective at reaching large audiences, especially if your budget will allow for large ads that are run on a regular basis.
Another advantage of newspaper advertising is that you can specify placement in specific sections, usually for an additional fee. Business sections, lifestyle sections, national news, local news, even real estate sections offer an area of interest with which you might attract attention. But again, the “review time” in newspapers very small. Unless you have a huge budget and lots of time to advertise, you might think about overlooking newspaper advertising for an initial advertising campaign.
The exception is the plethora of local small newspapers that have become popular over the last decade. Most major markets have either one or two large newspapers. These newspapers cover the larger metropolitan area or sometimes even the larger percentage of an entire state. Many smaller communities have established local newspapers that offer local advertisers an excellent choice to local markets. Pick up a few of these papers the next time you’re at the grocery store and see who is using them for advertising. Again, learn from your competitors.
Since most major newspapers are expensive to advertise in, check with the smaller local papers. You can advertise in many of these for as little as $25 a month. You could also offer to write a column for these publications, as an expert in the area, if appropriate.
Whether you are advertising products or services, try to offer a special price or bonus to your customers. Make the offer generous. Ten percent off the regular price, especially in this age of national discount retailers and competitive pricing, just won’t cut it.
Large metropolitan newspapers and many small local or regional newspapers offer a lower ad rate called the “local” or “retail” rate to local or retail businesses. If you are selling a product through local retailers, you will save money if you get the retailer to place the ad even if you reimburse it for all costs involved. In some industries, however, the retailer typically shares some portion of the ad space with the manufacturer or supplier.

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