Optin E-Mail Marketing Frequently Asked Questions.

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Optin E-Mail Marketing Frequently Asked Questions:

"How long does it take for the emails to be sent after I order?"

Often we can begin the next day after you order. If not, then almost always 48 hours later. On rare instances (when technical problems crop up unexpectedly), it can take 3 days. We do our best to get your emails out ASAP, because we know you're eager to see some new sales!
"Do you handle large message like 12 pages long?"

Yes, the maximum size of any files is 29kb (15 pages).
"Do you accept adult advertising?"

No sorry.
"Does my e-mail address show in my message?"

Your e-mail address remains private unless you want it included. The only address in your message is the address of our server.
"Do you accept HTML files?"

Yes. However your message must not exceed 29 KB in size.
"Is your mailing done only in the US?"

We mail in USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Japan, Australia and Germany.

"If I re-order, how can I be sure my ad will be sent to new people?"

We monitor our address usage very closely with every customer. Your ad will not be sent to a repeat email address until you've gone through the entire database.

"What kind of response can I expect?"

-This is the hardest question of all to answer. Response varies tremendously, and is ultimately dependent upon the popularity of what is being offered and how easy it is to order from you. We can lead the horses to the water, but making them drink is entirely up to you. Overall, our customers report anywhere from 100 to 1,000 responses per 100,000 emails sent, on average, and we turn about 50% of all first-time customers into regular customers. This is advertising, after all, and some things will sell well, while others will not. The key is to start small and test the waters before taking the plunge and spending a lot of money.
"Will you send to a list that I provide you with??"

No, we will only send to our list because we know that the recipients have agreed to receive email advertisements.
"Do you accept credit card?"

We accept all major credit cards and online checks.
"Do you allow a certain percentage for undeliverable addresses?"

"Can you give me lower rates in the future if I refer people to your service, if so can I have some estimate of what the discount would be?"

We don't have refferal program for this service. However we give some discount to our regular clients.

"What is your privacy policy?"

-We at # 1 Internet Advertising-Online Advertising Agency do not sell or distribute any information from customers to any third parties. We understand our clients preferences about privacy. You will be afforded the same courtesy and we will never give out your name or contact information.
"How often do you clean your list of undeliverables, flamers, and autoresponders?"

We update our database on a weekly basis.
"Do you have the ability to send emails with only one recipient in the (To:) field?"

Yes. There is only one e-mail address in the (to:) field.
"Are the recipients of the e-mail are all english speaking?"

We bulk e-mail only to english speaking people (USA and Canada).

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