Which Advertising Medium Is Best: Pixel Ad or Word Link?

Which Advertising Medium Is Best: Pixel Ad or Word Link?

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Which Advertising Medium Is Best: Pixel Ad or Word Link?

Internet based entrepreneurs have been witness and participant to new levels of advertising media brought into existence these past few months.
Advertising is no longer the domain of print magazines, the broadcast industry, the billboards, the traditional media, or what you have been accustomed to.
We now have pixel advertising and word links.
The pixel advertising scheme was advocated by U.K. student Alex Tew during the second half of 2005. His initial goal was to sell some ad spaces on his site to finance his studies. Before long, his web site dots were all sold out.
Copycats sprouted and they came and went like wildfires in the deep California forest. Most have folded down while a few sites remained, though mostly unvisited.
It's too early to tell the life cycle of pixel ads. It may need another push, or another advocate - to jettison its acceptance to a more permanent and popular level.
The pixel advertising "inventor" Alex Tew is now happily counting his million dollars from the confines of his bank, while meditating how he did it and planning to put it all in writing through his forthcoming ebook.
Of late, early July 2006 to be exact, another form of advertising came out. This was the word link scheme created by Adsense expert Joel Comm. You purchase a word from his web site and that word will all be yours to link to any site of your choice.
You can judge how the word link advertising is faring by the haste with which a follow-up site was launched. All the words in the first web site had been goobled up in a matter of days!
We shall hold our final comment on how word link medium will fare. It may fade as quickly as the sun sets, or challenge the escalating dominance of Google adwords.
One thing is sure though. Advertising is here to stay. It is the product of an economic system that has survived the worst and best of times.
Another entrepreneur like you who could come out with a new idea will be rewarded with a rich bonanza. It doesn't matter whether you're a novice entrepreneur like Alex Tew, or a seasoned marketer like Joel Com. The important thing is that your idea is fresh, or a rehash of an old scheme. You should be able to capture the interest of people, too.
To paraphrase the advertising exponent Claude Hopkins, advertising has closely reached the status of a science. People just love going to the moon if it can be made possible. Anybody who can offer the moon will be rewarded with stars... and dollars to boot.
As for the home based entrepreneur, observe and watch clearly. Put your advertising dollars where the results spell success to your business.

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