Pixel Advertising – A New Tool In Online Advertising

Pixel Advertising – A New Tool In Online Advertising.

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Pixel Advertising – A New Tool In Online Advertising

What is all the hype about this new trend of online advertising called Pixel Advertising? If you don’t have a clue what it is, well basically it is just a website where a big portion of the main page or the home page is designed and laid-out in grids or blocks.
These blocks are measured in pixels, usually 10 pixels by 10 pixels. Now the advertising part comes where you buy a portion of that main page in terms of how many blocks you want and put your site image/graphics with a hyperlink to your website.
A lot of internet publishers and businesses joined and jumped in the wagon.
If you are wondering how you can earn a lot of money from a single page, it’s just simple math. If you sell each pixel at $1 each and create a home page with 1K pixels by 1K pixels to sell, you do the math.
The next question you will probably ask is why would someone buy pixels from a website for $1 per pixel? It all boils down to Google’s page ranking. The higher your site’s page rank is the better for search engine spiders/crawlers.
If you are thinking that is easy and you can do that, I’m not discouraging you but it’s not as easy as you think. Building the pixel ad site is not the problem, you can even use a free script for that. The hard and gruelling part is the building of your page ranking. Anybody who knows Search engine optimization knows that building a page rank for a site is not easy and it involves a lot of time and effort.
One of the marketing strategies you can use is to initially sell your pixels at a cheap price, let’s say $0.01 per pixel. Don’t jump straight to selling it at $1 each as nobody will buy it, not unless you can wave your magic wand and make your new site page rank from 0 to 7. While you try and improve your ranking and site credibility, then gradually increase the price of your pixel.
To entice advertisers to buy your pixels, you can give a portion of the site for free to big named companies to build your site’s credibility. Most advertisers are also looking into your terms and conditions, especially the part on how long will their pixel advertisements last, pixel publishers usually run it for around a minimum of three years.
Pixel ads could also help many advertisers reach the coveted echo-boomer generation who are notoriously cynical and averse to advertising. Because of their “cute & cuddly” and off-beat nature, pixel ads are an ideal vehicle to advertise to this demographic.
To sum it up: pixel ads are perfect for advertisers interested in getting their ads really looked at and lots of fun for consumers to explore. These micro-ads are the future of advertising and a win-win all around.
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