PPC Advertising - The First Source Of Traffic

PPC Advertising - The First Source Of Traffic.

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PPC Advertising - The First Source Of Traffic

Pay Per Click advertising has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. For those of you who don't know what pay per click advertising is it's when you put your ad on a search engines for different keywords that you pick and choose.
When someone searches for one of the keywords or keyphrases that you have chosen for your ad to appear on it will show your ad to the right of the page.
Now you might be asking yourself "Why should you use it when there's so many other sources of traffic out there?" It's simple - it's because with pay per click advertising whenever someone searches for your keyword, your ad appears at the exact moment that they search (if you pay high enough).
So that means that more people are going to be clicking. It is the fastest way on the internet to get targeted traffic to your website.
Not only is it targeted traffic to your website. It's the most targeted traffic that you can get on the internet. People find your ads by searching for relevant keywords that you pick and choose.
If you have a website about 'How To Train Your Dog' then you would put keywords relating to this such as 'train your dog', 'how to train a dog', and so on. Your ads only appear on the pages you choose it to. So you won't be getting any unwanted, untargeted clicks.
This is my favourite thing about PPC advertising - If you just launched your website (a monetized website), and you want to know how well it will convert then PPC is your exact answer.
It's your exact answer because it will give you a true picture of how well your website converts visitors into dollars. If you start using PPC advertising, and after so many click throughs you don't receive any sales you will know that you need to change the site to make it convert.
You can also use PPC advertising for quick sign ups to your newsletter. I started using PPC to get signups for my mini- course, and the conversion rates were astounding. Almost 50% conversion rate. All I did was create a page with just the sign up form, and sent the PPC traffic directly to the page. PPC is the sure answer to get quick targeted traffic to your website.
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