Guaranteed Traffic Scams. What To Watch For.

Guaranteed Traffic Scams. What To Watch For.

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Guaranteed Traffic Scams. What To Watch For.

Whenever you are new to marketing on the internet, there can be a lot of things that you do not know about. These are what people like to call scams, and there are tons of them out there on the internet. However, when it comes to marketing, there is one big one that you have to watch out for, and this is the guaranteed traffic scam.
Now, there are a few different versions of this plan, but the one that we are going to talk about today is becoming the most popular, and a lot of people are starting to fall for it. Sometimes these plans sound good on paper, but you have to be able to look past the crap they feed you and see the truth, and that is what we are gong to work on right now!
The guaranteed traffic scam is sometimes called get paid to click to other people. Now, we will get more into what that means in just a second. However, right now we are going to tell you how these guaranteed traffic scam sites get you to bite their bait. Whenever you start up a website online, you know the most important thing you need is traffic to your site.
You need it so bad that you will just about do anything to get it, and that includes paying per click or paying per hit. Pretty much, that means that you agree to pay a company $0.01, or sometimes $0.02, per person they can get to your website. When you sign up with these sites, they guarantee you traffic to your site with in the first 24 hours. However, these are where the sites fall apart.
The people that a guaranteed traffic scam are getting to click on your link are not people who really care about your business, they are people who are getting paid. Pretty much, what these sites do is offer to split the money that you are paying to the person to click on your link.
Sure, it's only about $0.01, but if these people click on enough links, they could really make money. So these sites have people that will just sit there and click links all day. That way you are getting your guaranteed traffic, but it's not traffic that is going to do you any good.
That is because these people are not interested in your site, they are interested in the money that they are going to get. A guaranteed traffic scam site should be avoided at all costs!
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